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Soul-Power Training: Nondual Tantrik Yoga of Self-Mastery

  • Brooklyn Location TBA Williamsburg, Brooklyn (map)

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Trika Psychology

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In order to anchor our psycho-emotional healing and personal development, we must access a deep part of the self that is capable of generating and stabilizing soul-power (ātmaśakti). The cultivation of soul-power optimizes our vitality and purpose. It is the foundation for all attainment in life as well as for any deeper spiritual practice. By accumulating this potent force we increase our health, our good fortune, and assure our most fulfilling destinies.

These teachings are relevant now more than ever. We are lost as a culture, trapped in consumerist conditioning. We believe that success is defined by profession and the accumulation of wealth and have forgotten our true expression of purpose or nadi. Our nadi is a vehicle for the highest realization of the self. It is our unique and virtuous display of Essence, exhibited by contribution in the world.

Developing ātmaśakti will powerfully place you upon your nadi, which will then reveal great faith in your life. By cultivating soul-power you will begin to pull all of the necessary support and opportunities to fulfill your ultimate destiny.

Beyond greater accomplishment in the world, the soul-power practices will also lead to self-mastery by transforming your unique karmic limitations into health and wellbeing in all three expressions of human existence - body (action/conduct), energy (emotions/speech) and mind (thoughts/thinking habits). Each time you perform the ātmaśakti practice set you will cultivate physical vitality, clarity of mind and purpose, cakra purification and activation of dormant potentials – especially will power, creativity, joy and compassion. In a relatively short amount of time you will notice increased progress or deepening of your spiritual practice and more fortunate circumstances in life.

 With such immense vitality you will also become:

  • non-reactive

  • non-attached

  • non-compulsive

  • unable to be seduced or conditioned

  • able to generate positive habits and easily release unhealthy ones

Tantrik Yogins have always been life-embracing and the Soul-Power Training provides a technology with which to empower your life by transforming limitations into virtues and building a meaningful existence that is powerfully self-possessed and full of contribution.


Dharma Bodhi (Kol Martens) began practicing yoga at age seven, and in his teens moved into practices of Chan Buddhism and Doaism. He then went on to study non-dual Saivite yoga and completed Acarya training in 1996 under his nondual Saiva Guru with an emphasis in Kundalini Hatha Yoga. Since that time he has been studying and practicing Tibetan Dzogchen meditation and yoga. Settled in Costa Rica, Dharma Bodhi and his wife Sukhalaya, dedicate their time to personal practice and teaching the oral-practice tradition of the Mahāsiddhas to small groups of students.