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Tantrik Enneagram: Essential Tool for Clear Self-Reflection

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Trika Psychology

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The Enneagram is a teaching that helps people see themselves more clearly, that is to see the dark and light sides in crystal clarity. Psychological and spiritual development depends upon the ability to see oneself clearly in an unbiased way. If growth is our goal then we must develop the capacity for clear self-reflection. 

The Tantrik Enneagram is the most powerful self-guided tool of self-reflection available today because it does not require you to be an adept of meditation to reap its benefits. It only requires your sincerity and honesty. Armed with these two powerful allies the Tantrik Enneagram can show you the hidden aspects of yourself in both light and dark expressions. It clearly describes your inner motives for every action, feeling and thought that you have, thus allowing you to become mindful of your patterns of behavior. This gives you the power to stop them before they possess you, and therefore enables you to transform those negative patterns that cause mental/emotional suffering.

Tantrik Enneagram was conceived thousands of years ago in Central Asia during a period where esoteric knowledge flourished and was shared all along the Silk Road. Sages observed that the Universe was nothing but an unlimited grand procession that contained cycles within cycles within cycles – from macro to micro. Their revelation was that human beings are  “cycles” of energy within the Universe (think wave forms of quantum mechanics). Tantrik Enneagram is based in the laws of cyclic mathematics as a descriptive language for the Universe and therefore humans as well.


Within these mathematical laws or cycles is the “Cycle of Nine”. These sages discovered that human beings are not at all unique, rather each human being can be understood as being patterned by a particular cycle between one and nine. Identifying which of the nine patterns you exhibit and what drives it can be the single most freeing knowledge you will ever receive.

The knowledge of Tantrik Enneagram can create freedom from the unconscious generation of binding karmas. One of the principles of good psychological and spiritual development is to stop or at least slow down the amount of negative karma, or limiting actions that you generate each day. These limiting expressions of physical actions, feelings and thoughts create your limited world of mental/emotional disharmony and prevent you from living a life free of suffering, a life filled with joy and purpose.

There are many books on Enneagram on the market, but typing oneself using a book or an online questionnaire is fraught with error. The Tantrik Enneagram has been taught orally and it’s in this environment of oral transmission that the real magic of this technology comes out. During the training you will come to know your Tantrik Enneagram number and its light and dark expressions. You’ll get a deeper appreciation for your own number’s gifts and challenges by hearing the other participants share about their own number’s patterns, and you’ll be able to ask questions about your number and how to use it for growth.


Dharma Bodhi (Kol Martens) began practicing yoga at age seven, and in his teens moved into practices of Chan Buddhism and Doaism. He then went on to study non-dual Saivite yoga and completed Acarya training in 1996 under his nondual Saiva Guru with an emphasis in Kundalini Hatha Yoga. Since that time he has been studying and practicing Tibetan Dzogchen meditation and yoga. Settled in Costa Rica, Dharma Bodhi and his wife Sukhalaya, dedicate their time to personal practice and teaching the oral-practice tradition of the Mahasiddhas to small groups of students.