And So We Rise

A Weekly Womxn’s Empowerment Group
(starting June 7, 2019)

Fridays, 6-7:30pm at The Friend Ship - 81 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11249 (3rd floor - above Marlow and Sons) $25

This is a call to all of the LADIES (cis, queer, pan, straight, non-binary, trans womxn, white womxn and womxn of color): it is OUR time to rise and express our true nature of ultimate power and compassion.  With us, we must lift others and form a determined community that can eventually serve many (including all people, animals and our one sacred planet) as only the feminine can.


Join me in building a weekly, therapeutic gathering to process the grief, trauma and rage that we’ve inherited from the patriarchy.  Here we will work to break free from the underlying conditioning that holds us back from optimizing personally, professionally and spiritually, as the powerful goddesses that we are.  

We will discuss topics, such as: body image, mental health, equality for all, embarking upon a spiritual path, relationships and sexuality, finding quiet in the self, ayurvedic self-care, how to dream and purpose, overcoming the feminine afflictions of perfectionism, shame and self-doubt, and much, much more.  

We will start each week learning how to strengthen our energy bodies with breathing and meditation, before launching into a group discussion that will facilitate healing and growth, foster community and ultimately celebrate womxnhood in all of its forms, during this very critical moment of herstory.