Suzy Daren, LMFT

Suzy Daren, LMFT


My professional path began unknowingly at a young age when my internal suffering was completely at odds with the “happy” family life that I was born into.  

When I grew into a teenager I drowned in the dissonance between how I was raised and who I felt myself to be, which birthed a rebellion that led me down a dark path rife with pain and trauma.  At 14, I made a promise to myself to understand and overcome my suffering and then help others to do the same.  

In 2001, after a good decade of poor choices (and an undergraduate degree in psychology), I attended a 30-day, intensive yoga teacher training.  For the first time, through classical Hatha yoga practices (asana, pranayama, meditation, shatkarma), I was able to contact the truth of my life and admit to the intensity of my mind and emotions.  It was one of the hardest things that I have ever done; I was flooded with stinging insights and sensations.  This was just the beginning and the agony didn’t end there.  For years, I pulsed between the honesty of my pain and numbing out to its existence through more objectionable behaviors.  And when the pendulum momentarily stilled, I would wake-up saying to myself, “really, here again?”  Healing doesn’t happen overnight, yet for those of us who truly want it, the path does steadily illuminate beneath our feet.  

I was tremendously lucky when in 2003 a series of events led me to surround myself by a teacher and a community that supported my purpose and I delved into deeper studies of yoga, Ayurveda and nondual approaches to holistic therapies.  For the next 8 years, I continued to heal, work, study, teach yoga and complete a Master’s degree in counseling psychology.

By the end of this period, I was no longer hurting in the ways that once possessed me nor making choices that could re-injure myself.  And while I have great respect for the modern field of psychology, it was the yogic/Ayurvedic lifestyle, and the understanding of how to work with my body, mind and heart that brought me real and lasting change.

It is my privilege to now work with others to assist them in learning how to gain mastery over their selves and their lives.  Since 2008, I have worked in private practice, counseling a diverse population of individuals, couples and families, helping to quicken their authenticity, self-acceptance and ultimate mental balance and peace.  It is my most sincere desire that all beings be free.  

Suzy is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of New York (#00982) and a clinical fellow member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.