Without a doubt, relationships provide the greatest opportunity for personal growth, if both partners are willing to meet each other with compassion, honesty and unbounded intimacy.

Two women in an intimate embrace.

Since we do not grow much in isolation, we require a certain amount of friction and mirroring in order to recognize our self-limiting patterns of body, speech and mind.  A healthy relationship not only creates such playgrounds for transformation, but also supports us in cultivating more joy, abundance, health and overall vitality.  There is no question that humankind is intended to live in relationship to others, in all of its myriad of forms.

A man and a woman lying together.

In today’s society we do not have many good examples of healthy relating.  We seem to have lost any real sense of how relationships function and their purpose in the first place.  Oftentimes, partners get lost in their expectations of how they thought a relationship should be, without ever really examining what is actually before them. When communication fails on top of this, most couples are left feeling misunderstood, isolated and confused by a situation that once appeared to be love.

Interracial couple about to kiss.

Couples counseling can be tremendously helpful in understanding the intricacies of romantic partnership.  Sessions can help reestablish relationship goals and examine individual patterns that inhibit each partner from expressing their highest potential as loving and supportive mates.  Effective modes of communication may also be instructed to help avoid the escalation of arguments that so often lead to damaging words and behaviors.

Yoga Psychotherapy believes that many traditional patterns of relationship are antiquated and unproductive and supports the exploration of more loving and constructive paradigms.  We welcome all people, including LGBTQ+, and all forms of relating, including ethical non-monogamy, polyamory and kink.